Will Solar Installation Increase Your Home Value?

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Will Solar Installation Increase Your Home Value?

You may think you’ll never sell your Washington home, but circumstances could change. If you move forward with solar installation now, will the investment pay off if you end up putting your property on the market?

More likely than not, the answer is yes. Solar-powered homes are in high demand, and installing a photovoltaic array is a great way to invest in your future.

Homes with Photovoltaic Arrays Sell Faster

You could be offered your dream job in another part of the state. Or, perhaps you’ll decide it’s time to downsize. Whatever reason you have for packing up and moving on, you’ll won’t want your Washington home to sit on the market for long.

Make plans for solar installation now, and that shouldn’t be a concern. According to the Department of Energy (DOE), solar-powered homes often sell up to twice as fast as similar properties that get power only from the utility grid. Due to the potential for a quick sale, an increasing number of Washington builders are making photovoltaic arrays standard for new home developments.

Buyers Pay More for Solar-Powered Homes

Installing a photovoltaic array will not only help you ensure that your Washington home sell more quickly when the time comes – solar installation is also very likely to increase the sales price.

Research conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, in conjunction with the DOE, indicates that buyers are typically willing to pay a higher price for solar-powered homes. According to this study, an average-sized photovoltaic array can boost the price of a home by $15,000. Separate research through the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) shows that every dollar in electricity savings translates to a $20 boost in home value. So, you should end up making money when you decide to sell.

The Effect of Solar Installation on Your Home Value

In all probability, solar installation will prove to be beneficial in terms of the value of your Washington home. But certain factors – including the quality of your photovoltaic array and the percentage of household electricity it produces – may have an impact on your selling price.

With the right photovoltaic contractor, you can save money on electricity, make your home more energy efficient and see an impressive return on investment. At Nationwide Solar, we’re passionate about helping Washington homeowners, and our team has the expertise to design a photovoltaic array that meets your needs now and continues to pay off in the future.

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of having a solar-powered home? Or are you ready to start planning your photovoltaic project? Either way, Nationwide Solar is here to help – contact us for details on solar installation in Washington today.

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