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“This was the most exciting year ever in anything I’ve done in business,”
“But I’m the type of guy that says that’s not enough. Next year’s gotta be even better.”
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From Small Beginnings Comes Greatness

Although it may seem as if NATIONWIDE SOLAR has come out of nowhere, like all true success stories, ours involves dedication, passion and a lot of hard work. An American company that uses American-made solar panels, NATIONWIDE was founded in 2006 as Rescomm. In 2014, we decided to rebrand and change our name to NATIONWIDE . This better reflected our vision and the new direction we wanted to take the company.

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Our Growth over the Years

This change has spurred our growth from 15 employees in 2015 to almost 600 passionate employees four years later. But we didn’t stop there. Although we began and are still based in Mooresville, North Carolina, we have expanded our reach and now operate in South Carolina (since 2016), Virginia and Michigan (2017), Ohio and Pennsylvania (2018) and Illinois, Indiana and Missouri (2019).
It took a lot of dedication and hard work to get where we are now. Imagine, a small operation of 15 employees serving 110 customers growing to 40 employees serving 400 customers in 2016 and 210 employees serving 1,400 customers in 2017. We took our largest step forward in 2018, growing to nearly 600 employees serving 4,000 customers. And our work is far from done.
With all this growth, we’ve never lost sight of our mission: building a movement by installing solar panels on as many homes and businesses as possible. Our goal is to create an affordable solar-powered future for our families and as many families in America as we can.

Awards, Accolades and Achievements

In 2019, we were ranked No. 100 on the Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America, marking the second time in three years that we were in the top 100 on this esteemed list. We were ranked No. 6 nationally among residential rooftop solar installers by Solar Power World in 2019, making us the No. 1 residential solar company in the Southeast and Midwest. Not content to stop at installing solar panels on homes, we formally rolled out our new commercial division in Michigan (2019) and have plans to do so in our other markets.
We have forged partnerships with 5 pro football teams (Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colts and Pittsburgh Steelers), and another with baseball’s Cleveland Indians. We were named Michigan’s Emerging Business of the Year by the state’s Energy Innovation Business Council in 2018, and we have A+ ratings with the BBB in all of our markets.

Giving Back to the Community

Not only have we expanded our reach and increased solar installations, we’ve also expanded our presence in the communities we serve. In the summer of 2018, we joined forces with the Lifetime TV miniseries “Military Makeover” to donate and install a solar system for a deserving veteran in suburban Kansas City, Mo.
Our mission to make the lives of those in our community better doesn’t stop there. NATIONWIDE routinely donates to charitable causes involving children, families and the military. For a second straight year, NATIONWIDE sponsored former Detroit Tigers star Justin Verlander and wife Kate Upton’s Patriot Ruck, a walk along Detroit’s riverfront that honors the sacrifices made by military members, veterans and first responders in serving our nation. Within the past year, NATIONWIDE has donated thousands to support the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Gobble Gobble Give, which is an event that annually feeds thousands of homeless people a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, and has even donated Thanksgiving dinners through its partnership with the Detroit Lions. NATIONWIDE takes pride in helping those who are less fortunate or are simply intent on doing good deeds for the community.

Our robust growth supports our vision to revolutionize how we run our company and the superior service we provide our customers. We are one of a handful of companies that do it all. We sell, finance, design, pull permits, and install solar panels and energy systems for residential and commercial applications. We also design, sell and install roof and ground applications for residential and commercial clients.

We have a strong drive to make sure each job is completed properly — the first time. And unlike many of our competitors, we do not hire subcontractors. We employ licensed electricians, we have unlimited general contractors and electrical license, and we work with GAF Master Elite roofers.

Our purpose and mission is to give our customers the option of achieving energy independence by offering clean, renewable energy at affordable prices. While power companies regularly raise rates and control how much customers pay for power, we provide a more practical solution. We want our customers to save money while ensuring a clean future for all of our grandchildren.
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