Why Do Some Utah Solar Companies Ask to See Your Electric Bills?

Why Do Some Utah Solar Companies Ask to See Your Electric Bills?

As a leading Utah solar company with extensive experience completing residential photovoltaic projects, we know that many homeowners are interested in going solar. But for some, the need to provide a professional contractor with certain types of information is a problem.

That’s understandable, and keeping personal information secure is always recommended. Nonetheless, reputable solar companies do ask to see electric bills. Here’s why this is the standard operating procedure for photovoltaic contractors– and why it shouldn’t cause you any concern.

Isn’t Knowing the Utility Company Name and Average Bill Amount Enough?

Utah solar companies use a homeowner’s electric bills to estimate their potential energy savings and return on investment from going solar.

Knowing which utility company provides service to the home and the average bill amount is helpful, but that information doesn’t show the full picture – for that, we need to understand the electricity rates and the regulatory details of the utility service agreement.

Won’t Showing Someone the Electric Bills Put Your Utility Account at Risk?

Some Utah homeowners are hesitant to provide their electric bills because they believe it could lead to their account getting hacked or, worse, them falling victim to identity theft.

We get it – but the truth is, no reputable Utah solar company would ever engage in any type of illegal activity. And for anyone who is truly worried about the wrong person seeing their personal information, the solution is as simple as blacking out the account number before handing over the bills.

How Do Other Solar Companies Give Accurate Quotes Without Electric Bills?

When we consult with Utah homeowners, we often hear that another solar company provide them with an estimate without needing to see their electric bills.

Our response? The estimate isn’t accurate – there’s no way they could offer a quote that’s right on the mark without reviewing your utility information. To put it in perspective, this would be akin to having a handyman provide an estimate for a kitchen remodel without taking any measurements.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Nationwide Solar Today

If you’re trying to figure out if going solar is the right decision, you need to talk to an experienced photovoltaic contractor – and Nationwide Solar is ready to help.

In order to learn about your potential energy savings and return on investment from solar power, you will need to show us your electric bills. But, you can trust the professional team at Nationwide Solar to keep your information secure. We have a strict privacy policy, and we never share anything about our customers with anyone without first getting their permission.

For more on our Utah solar company, or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, contact us today.

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