What to Look for In a Washington Solar Company

solar company Washington

What to Look for In a Washington Solar Company

How do you choose a Washington solar company?

For many people, finding the right professional photovoltaic contractor is the most challenging part of the entire solar installation process. You’ll have to do a little homework to figure out which solar company can best meet your needs. Here’s what to consider when searching for a local photovoltaic provider.


You want your Washington solar installer to be a PV system expert. Certification from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is strong evidence of a contractor’s skill and ability, but make sure the photovoltaic provider you hire has at least a few years of hands-on experience.


Companies that handle residential and commercial solar installation in Washington must have the proper professional license to work in the state. As you evaluate local photovoltaic providers, confirm that they’re licensed to install PV systems.


Before selecting a Washington solar company, verify that they have adequate liability insurance coverage. Professional photovoltaic contractors need to be properly insured to protect homeowners against property damage and injury claims.


As with other products, photovoltaic components can vary widely in terms of quality. For efficient operation and optimal energy production, look for Tier-1 solar panels. And, the inverters and mounting racks a contractor uses should be from a top-ranking brand.


PV systems rarely malfunction, but breakdowns are possible. Solar panels usually come with warranty coverage, as do some other photovoltaic components, but you’ll want to choose a solar company that offers a workmanship warranty as well.


Reading reviews written by customers of a Washington solar company can help you determine if they’re the right one to hire. You can also ask local photovoltaic providers for references – and be sure to check their ratings with the Better Business Bureau.


Anyone thinking about going solar has questions. You need a photovoltaic contractor who will provide clear answers and honest advice on how to see a fast return on investment. And, they should be willing to explain the details of your PV system quote.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Nationwide Solar

Are you looking for a reputable Washington solar company? Whether you’re planning a residential or commercial photovoltaic project, schedule a free consultation with Nationwide Solar.

An award-winning photovoltaic provider with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Nationwide Solar is a trusted local industry leader. We meet the requirements listed above, and we also have a team of certified roofing specialists who have the expertise to ensure that your rooftop is ready to support a PV system.

Going solar is a big investment, and before you take the leap, you need to be informed. We’d be happy to help you understand everything that goes into a photovoltaic project. If you’d like to install a PV system and want to work with a leading Washington solar company, contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today.

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