What to Expect When You Consult with a Washington Solar Company

What to Expect When You Consult with a Washington Solar Company

If you’re ready to go solar, meeting with a representative from a reputable Washington solar company is the first step to take. An experienced contractor will be able to determine how well a photovoltaic array will work on the rooftop of your home – and by the time the consultation ends, you’ll understand the advantages and potential challenges that come with PV installation.

As most Washington solar power companies offer free consultations to interested homeowners, you have nothing to lose by meeting with a professional PV installer. Below, we share what to expect when you make an appointment with a member of the Nationwide Solar team.

Step 1: Rooftop Evaluation

A photovoltaic array is rather heavy. To support the number of solar panels you need to power your Washington home, your roofing must have adequate support.

You can expect the solar company representative to point out obvious damage, and they’ll examine the rooftop for vents, skylights and other obstructions that could affect the placement of the array. They’ll also check the pitch and orientation of your roof, as the solar panels should be faced toward the sun.

However, depending on the solar company you call, you may only get an uninformed opinion as to whether your roof needs repairs. With Nationwide Solar, you’ll get expert advice – our professional PV installers are also certified roofers.

Step 2: Roof Shade Analysis

Shading can be a definite problem for a rooftop photovoltaic array. When shade covers solar panels, even partially, they produce less power.

Knowing this, the solar company representative will complete a thorough shade analysis. By using on-site tools and specialized software programs, a professional PV installer can determine how much shade hits the rooftop of your home at different times of the year, which is instrumental in array design.

Certain shade obstructions, such as chimneys and neighboring buildings, must be worked around. But if it’s possible, the company representative may suggest that you have trees trimmed or obstacles removed to boost your solar power production.

Step 3: Going Over the Results

Once the professional PV installer completes the rooftop evaluation and shade assessment, the two of you will discuss the results.

You’ll learn about the solar potential of your Washington property and the photovoltaic components needed to power your home. The solar company representative will also explain the estimated project costs and your options for financing – and you’ll also get the details on the available financial incentives for adopting photovoltaic power.

Before the professional installer leaves, you should have the opportunity to ask questions. Any reputable solar company will want you to make an informed decision, so don’t hesitate to bring up your concerns.

Nationwide Solar, a leading Washington photovoltaic provider, provides free, no-pressure consultations to homeowners and businesses. Plan your project with our team, and you can look forward to having an exceptional experience. For stellar workmanship, affordable pricing, solid warranty coverage and top-notch customer care, we’re the Washington solar company to call – contact us today.

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