Washington Industries That Can Benefit from Commercial Solar Power

commercial solar power Washington

Washington Industries That Can Benefit from Commercial Solar Power

Commercial solar power installation is a viable option for any future-looking business in Washington. Harnessing the power of the sun can significantly reduce energy costs, which leads to long-term gains. Plus, since consumers tend to support green businesses, photovoltaic installation can serve as a powerful marketing tool.

Among big industries that require massive amounts of electricity, PV projects are becoming increasingly popular. Here are a few of the many Washington businesses that are already benefitting from commercial solar power. 

Agricultural Farms

Rearing animals and growing crops takes a great deal of electricity. A solar power system offers a cost-effective solution. PV panels can provide the power needed to heat and cool farm buildings and to operate equipment, machinery and lighting.

Gas Station Industry

Electricity is a huge expense for gas stations, particularly those with convenience stores on the premises. Solar arrays help offset the costs of running gas pumps, lights, coolers and freezers 24/7, and fuel island canopies offer the ideal location for PV panels.

Tech Companies 

Washington tech companies are big consumers of electricity, mainly because the servers at their data centers need to be kept cool. Commercial solar power provides tech-based businesses with a reliable source of energy and reduced operating costs.

Hospitality Industry

 Hotels, amusement parks and other Washington businesses that fall under the hospitality umbrella face consistently high electricity costs. Solar power system installation can reverse that trend, as the energy produced by PV panels is free. 

Manufacturing Facilities 

Running factory equipment along with industrial HVAC systems and lighting requires a tremendous amount of power. Commercial solar arrays allow Washington manufacturers to generate the electricity they need, bringing down their energy costs. 

Car Dealer Industry 

Electricity bills can be rather sizeable for auto dealers due to the parking lot and interior lighting, pressure washers, hydraulic lifts and other equipment in continual use. After installing a commercial solar array, energy is no longer such a large overhead expense.

Should Your Washington Business Invest in Solar Power? 

Chances are, planning a PV project would be a smart business decision. A commercial solar array could save you thousands of dollars every year, and after installation, you won’t be as dependent on the utility grid – which means you can look forward to more predictable energy costs in the future.

For more on the advantages of installing PV panels at your place of business, turn to the professional team at Nationwide Solar. We can give you all of the information you need, and when the time comes, we can help ensure that your solar array offers the greatest return on investment.

Ready to explore your options? At Nationwide Solar, we offer free, no-pressure consultations, and we’d be happy to come out to your Washington business property. To discuss commercial solar power with our experienced team, contact us today.

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