Solar Installation in Idaho – Mounting Options for Home PV Systems

Solar Installation in Idaho – Mounting Options for Home PV Systems

You may not be an expert in solar installation, yet you no doubt understand that the components of a photovoltaic system need to be mounted on a stable structure. That could be the roof of your Idaho home – but you do have other options.

For some homeowners, a ground-mounted solar array makes sense. Others have PV systems installed on carports or other outbuildings. Is one of those approaches right for you, or should you go with a rooftop installation? Reading the following may help you decide.

Rooftop Solar Installation

Most Idaho homeowners opt for roof-mounted solar arrays. The placement provides optimal access to sunlight, and specialized racks set the photovoltaic panels in the perfect position to capture the maximum amount of energy from the sun.

A rooftop PV system is typically the easiest and least expensive option, but this type of mounting isn’t always the best choice. If your roof lacks the space or adequate support for a solar array – or if the surface is too shaded or poorly angled to harness a sufficient amount of sunlight to power your home – you may need to consider the alternatives.

Ground-Mounted Solar Installation

When a roof-mounted solar installation isn’t practical, Idaho homeowners can install a ground-mounted PV system. This type of solar array can be highly efficient, as it can be aligned at just the right angle to harness the sun’s energy.

Any yard area that gets a decent amount of direct sunlight can serve as the spot for a ground-mounted solar array. Depending on the landscape, the photovoltaic panels may be mounted on poles or flush to the ground, and the mounts may have adjustable tilt arms. However, if your yard space is limited – or if you have a suitable outbuilding – a ground mount may not be the best solution.

Solar Installation on Outbuildings

Many homeowners in Idaho have carports, sheds, workshops, freestanding garages and other outbuildings on their properties. Such a structure – if it’s stable and durable, of course – can be a good location for a home PV system.

For those who consider photovoltaic panels to be an eyesore, installing a solar array on an outbuilding that sits out of the way is sometimes the preferred option. But, there can be concerns with this approach. If the location is far from the house or the structure isn’t large enough to support a system capable of powering the home, a ground-mounted array or rooftop installation may be recommended.

Which type of mount is the right choice for your home PV system? The experienced professionals at Nationwide Solar can offer placement advice, and our team is ready to design an array that provides you with optimal energy savings. For more information, or to discuss solar installation at your Idaho home, contact us today!

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