Solar Panel Installation Made Easy

Many residents of Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Washington state are excited to learn more about getting started with residential solar installation. Our customers love solar power because it saves them money, but they also love it because it helps save the earth. It’s a clean, green energy source — much safer than fossil fuels such as oil and coal.

How to Get Started with Residential Solar Installation

Step 1

  • Fill out the Contact Us form here on our site or give us a call to set up an appointment. Our solar company never sells or share your personal information, so you have nothing to lose!
  • During our phone conversation, we’ll ask you questions about your home to help determine if it is well suited for a solar installation. For instance, we’ll ask you if you are the homeowner, how much sun and shade your roof gets, which utility company serves you and how much the bill usually is.
  • If the answers to these questions reveal that your home is suitable for a residential solar installation, we set up an appointment to send a consultant to your home.
Step 2

  • At your consultation, the Nationwide Solar representative will start by evaluating the condition of your roof. If we find that it needs repair or replacement before we start work, we will make note of this. Our solar company is also a GAF-certified roofer, meaning we have the skills to complete this work for you.
  • Our rep will also note how much shading your roof gets, and will go over your electric bills with you to determine what size residential solar panel system you need. We also take pictures of your roof, attic, electrical panel and power meter.
  • If everything looks good, we write up a proposal for you to sign before we leave.
Step 3

  • Before we put your job on the calendar, we call in an engineer to confirm that your home is structurally sound and can support the weight of residential solar panels.
  • Once we get the go-ahead, we design your solar panel system and submit our proposal to you for your approval. Then, we schedule your installation date
  • In the meantime, we process all your necessary paperwork and secure all permits. Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Washington state all have slightly differing permitting processes; thus, the timeline can vary.
  • The work itself is the easy part — it takes only a day or two.
  • Next, we set up a final inspection by the local governing authority.
  • Lastly, your utility comes out and switches the meter. Once that’s done, you’re online and you have officially gone solar!
You can see now that residential solar installation is not difficult and we take care of you every step of the way. But it can be a bit of a waiting game, depending on your local government, so don’t wait — call us today and get the process started!

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