Save with Residential Solar:
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Home Solar Panels for a Better Future

If you live in Idaho, Utah, Oregon or Washington, your home is prime real estate for residential solar installation. That’s because of the high number of sunny days we get out here in the Intermountain West. Saving with solar power comes down to simple math: The more the sun shines on your solar panels, the more money you save. And when you choose to work with Nationwide Solar, you’ll rest easy with the knowledge that we use only Top tier products for all our residential solar installation projects. They’re more efficient, save you money and are backed by warranty. Our solar company loves helping our country while we help our customers.

Finance Your Residential Solar Installation

Solar power is a smart investment in your future. That’s why residential solar installations are so popular among those who live in Utah, Oregon, Washington and Idaho, where the sun shines so many days per year. But, like real estate, even though solar power is a great investment, it might not be one you are not in a financial position to fund right now. We understand, and that’s why we offer 100% financing to qualified homeowners for their residential solar installations. That means you can get a full solar installation with no money down — you can finance the entire project. You can actually save money this way, by committing to your solar installation now while valuable tax breaks and other incentives are still valid and paying for it over time. Don’t let your bank balance affect your ability to take advantage of one of the most valuable investments you can make in your home: residential solar installation from Nationwide Solar.

Dependable Residential Solar Power

One of the reasons solar power is such a great investment is because it is a powerful, durable method of harvesting energy from the sun. Solar panels are like your own personal utility company, right on your own roof! Plus, the beauty of residential solar panels is that they work for you. Nationwide Solar uses only Top tier components for all our solar installations. That means you get the quality you expect. All the solar panels we install are black, which means they’re more efficient at harvesting the sun’s rays. Plus, they blend into the structure better, so they make your property more attractive. Additionally, the panels our solar company uses are super strong and able to withstand all types of weather, including high winds, driving rain and heavy snow loads. Trade in your ballooning utility bill for an efficient, affordable, residential solar installation.

Residential Solar Panel Features

In addition, your home solar system comes equipped with an efficient inverter to convert the DC power your system generates into AC power your home can use. This way, your home gets first dibs on the energy it creates before sending any excess back into the grid and spinning back your meter.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar power is an ingenious invention that has actually been around for almost 200 years. While great leaps have been made in engineering and manufacturing solar panels over the years, the premise for how they work remains the same: The photovoltaic cells in the panels absorb energy from the sun’s rays and convert it to electricity. A solar inverter collects the DC current and converts it to AC current that homeowners can use to power their HVAC system, appliances, electronics, lights and more. Whatever extra electricity you don’t use goes back to your local power company, which credits you for your contribution.

What Are the Advantages of Solar Energy?

Most users’ favorite part about their residential solar installation is the money it saves them. Once your panels are installed, you are instantly free of your bond to utility companies, because you make and store your own electricity. This great advantage only continues to improve as time goes on, because energy costs will rise, as will the return on your investment. Another great benefit to residential solar installation is that it’s a green, renewable energy source. You can feel good knowing you are not harming the earth by using fossil fuels such as oil or gas to power your home. One special advantage of working with Nationwide Solar is that we use only Top tier products, so you know your investment supports U.S. companies and workers.


3 Simple Steps to Solar Panels for Your Home

The solar panel installation process starts with a simple phone call. We’ll begin by finding out if you and your home qualify for residential solar panels.

Step 1

Find out if your home qualifies.

Your first step toward energy savings and independence is making a phone call to Nationwide Solar. We’ll ask you a few questions and then schedule a home visit. Unfortunately, not all homes are suitable for a residential solar installation. To get solar panels installed on your roof, your home must have adequate structural support; a strong, sound roof; and plenty of sunshine. Our solar company can help you realize your dream of having a residential solar panel installation by repairing or replacing your roof if it is found to be lacking, as we work with certified GAF Master Elite Certified Roofing Specialists. You may also be able to call in structural engineers or tree-trimming and removal experts if other areas of suitability for your property are affected. Or, you may be able to install solar panels on another part of your property, such as a carport, outbuilding or even the ground. But you won’t know until you call us, so start the process today.

Step 2

Your free consultation.

When you call Nationwide Solar, your initial consultation is free, and there’s no obligation, so you’ve got nothing to lose. Our solar company’s vision is for every eligible home in America to have solar panels installed, so we would never think of charging our potential customers a fee to see if their homes are viable hosts for solar power systems.

Step 3

Schedule your installation date.

Once you get the green light from our evaluation experts, we can schedule your residential solar installation date. It’s an exciting time for homeowners, because they know they are on the path to energy savings and independence.

Solar Panel Warranty

The solar panels we install include an amazing warranty, and the panels are expected to last well beyond 30 years. Learn more about our solar panel warranty here.

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