Preparing for Rooftop Solar Installation at Your Washington Home

Preparing for Rooftop Solar Installation at Your Washington Home

Planning a rooftop solar installation project?

Powering your Washington property with energy from the sun shouldn’t take much time or effort on your part – professional photovoltaic contractors streamline the process to make everything easier for homeowners. However, by taking the following steps, you can help ensure that your residential solar installation goes off without a hitch.

Check Your Rooftop

Is the rooftop of your Washington home structurally sound?

Residential solar panels are made to last for decades, and you need to make sure that your roofing can hold up for that long. If you have any roof damage, now’s the time to get it fixed – doing it later on will cost much more. For that reason, you’d be wise to have a professional roofer evaluate the integrity of your rooftop. Or, simply call Nationwide Solar, one of the few solar installation companies in the region with a team of licensed roofing specialists.

Trim Nearby Trees

Are any of the trees on your property casting shade on the rooftop?

To harness energy from the sun and convert it into usable electricity, solar panels need unobstructed access to sunlight. If you have trees situated near your Washington home, shade from their branches could put a damper on solar electricity production. Trimming back any problematic branches before moving forward with rooftop solar installation – or having a local landscaper or arborist complete the task — can help ensure optimal energy output.

Get HOA Approval

Do you live in a townhome development or planned community?

If your Washington neighborhood is governed by a homeowners association, you may need to get an official go-ahead before beginning a residential solar installation project. In most cases, this isn’t difficult at all. But sometimes, HOAs have rules regarding the specific placement and design of a rooftop PV system. If your HOA gives you a hard time, or if you want to make sure that doesn’t happen, turn your project over to an experienced photovoltaic contractor.

Prepare the Property

Will the solar installation crew be able to get to work when they arrive?

For the answer to that question to be yes, you’ll need to ensure that the solar installation crew has easy access to the rooftop of your Washington home. To that end, take time to move any lawn furniture, outdoor accessories and yard toys away from the house. The workers might also need to enter the attic, too, and since the solar power inverter will likely be installed somewhere near your utility meter and electric panel, you’ll want to provide a clear path to those areas.

Plan for a Power Outage

Is being without power for a short time going to disrupt your household?

At some point during the rooftop solar installation process, professional contractors typically need to turn off the power. The home isn’t left without electricity for very long, but even a temporary loss of power can be problematic. If you like, you can make arrangements to be elsewhere during the installation — you really only need to meet the crew in the morning to provide access to your property. When the work is nearly complete, you can return for the completion of the project.

Make a List of Questions

What would you like to know about your rooftop PV system?

Choose the right Washington solar company, a trusted professional photovoltaic contractor like Nationwide Solar, and you won’t be left to wonder how your rooftop PV system works or what you need to do in terms of your maintenance and warranty obligations. But it never hurts to prepare a list of questions ahead of time – that way, you can make sure all of your concerns are addressed before the solar installation crew has left your property.

Are You Ready to Make the Switch to Solar Power?

With Nationwide Solar, a leading commercial and residential solar company in the state of Washington, installing a rooftop PV system is both easy and affordable.

Our highly skilled professional team can ensure that your rooftop solar installation is a stress-free experience. We prioritize customer service, and we’re committed to helping homeowners get the most value from their investment in photovoltaic power. Plus, when you choose us, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

For more information – or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss rooftop solar installation at your Washington home – give Nationwide Solar a call or contact us online today!

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