Solar Power in Oregon

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Solar power — what’s not to love about it? It’s clean, it’s green and it saves you money. Residents of Portland, Salem, Eugene and cities and towns across Oregon are taking advantage of today’s low prices for solar installations by calling Nationwide Solar.

Solar Power in Oregon

The reason most people opt to get a residential solar or commercial solar installation is to save money. Being able to power your home or business with free energy from the sun puts money back in your pocket every day. Further, solar power users enjoy the freedom of being energy independent, rather than being tethered to utility companies. 

But solar power is also appealing to so many people because using this clean, renewable energy source helps save the planet too, by reducing your usage of and dependence on fossil fuels such as oil and coal.

Why Choose Nationwide Solar?

It’s true that there are lots of solar companies popping up these days — after all, solar power is a booming business! But what makes Nationwide Solar different is we aren’t newbies in this field; we’re trained professionals with nearly 15 years of experience completing solar installments across the country. We have won awards that back up our claims that we are the best provider in the Northwest.

Our know-how and skills, coupled with our superior customer service, make us a top choice among residents of Portland, Eugene and Salem, Oregon.

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Going Green from Portland to Eugene

The price of solar power has plummeted 70% in the last 10 years as technology and installation methods have improved and become more streamlined. Further, tax breaks that are available to residents of Portland, Eugene, Salem and other cities and towns in Oregon bring the price of solar power down markedly further.

In fact, the federal government currently offers a 26% tax credit for solar installations. However, that tax break is scheduled to expire in 2022, so the best time to invest in residential solar — or commercial solar — is now. Further, there is no cap on the credit, so regardless of whether you spend $10,000 or $100,000 on your solar installation, you still get 26% off.

The state of Oregon also offers extra incentives and rebates to solar customers, so residents and those who own businesses here can save even more.

If you don’t have enough to pay the full purchase price even after the credits and rebates, don’t worry! Nationwide Solar can help you finance the remaining cost of your solar installation. We even have a no-money-down option for qualified Oregon homeowners.

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Solar Power for Salem, Oregon

Call Nationwide Solar today to make an appointment for a free consultation. We’ll come out to your home or business in Salem, Portland, Eugene or anywhere in Oregon and do a free assessment. If your home or business is deemed viable for a solar installation, we’ll give you a free estimate for the size solar power system your property needs.

Contact us today, and get ready to go solar tomorrow!

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