Is Your Roof Suitable for Solar Panels?

Preparing your roof for solar panels

Is Your Roof Suitable for Solar Panels?

Rooftop solar panels are soaring in terms of popularity in the Intermountain West, but many homeowners are either misinformed or unaware of the requirements for installation.

In our experience here at Nationwide Solar, roof-related concerns are quite common – and seeing how most photovoltaic power systems are roof-mounted, that makes sense. If you’re wondering whether your rooftop is right for solar panels, reading the following might provide you with an answer.

Rooftop Design

Does your rooftop need to face south to make solar panel installation worthwhile? And, is not having a sloped roof a problem?

The answer to both of these questions is no. While the ideal orientation is due south, many solar arrays are installed with modified orientations – and they still offer exceptional energy production. Photovoltaic contractors have ways to work around flat roofs, too. So the bottom line is, you don’t need to be concerned about how your rooftop was designed.

Rooftop Space

Does your roof have enough available space to install the number of solar panels you would need?

This question is difficult to answer without seeing your rooftop, but as a general guideline, approximately 100 square feet of roof surface is required for each kilowatt a system produces. Most home solar arrays take up between 200 and 500 square feet of space, which you likely have – but if not, you can always opt for a ground-mounted photovoltaic power system.

Roofing Material

Does the material your rooftop is made from matter, or can solar panels only be installed on certain surfaces?

Most of the roofing materials popular in the Intermountain West make a suitable base for a photovoltaic power system. Cement tile and metal roofs are among the most solar-friendly, but clay tile, slate and asphalt can also support a solar array – if, that is the photovoltaic contractor you hire is a skilled and trained professional. But before planning your installation, you’d be wise to get your roof inspected and schedule any necessary repairs.

Have a Licensed Roofing Specialist Install Your Solar Panels

Solar panels can provide you with decades of free electricity, and you’ll want to make sure your roof lasts at least as long. Getting the surface repaired or replaced any time after the installation will be quite costly – and trust us, that’s a headache you definitely want to avoid.

With Nationwide Solar, you won’t have to worry about your rooftop. We’re among the very few photovoltaic contractors who are also licensed roofing specialists. Our professional team has the qualifications and expertise to inspect your roof and, if necessary, perform repairs or replace the surface. After we’ve done our work, you’ll know that your rooftop is ready to support a photovoltaic power system.

Would you like to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation? If you’re ready to explore the idea of solar panel installation with an experienced photovoltaic contractor at your home in Utah, Washington, Idaho or Oregon, contact Nationwide Solar today!

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