Important Questions to Ask Your Solar Installer

Solar panel installer in Utah

Important Questions to Ask Your Solar Installer

Choosing the right solar installer can mean the difference between a rooftop PV system that performs for decades without missing a beat and one that is plagued with problems.

Your choice of which solar installation company to work with matters, so the decision shouldn’t be made lightly. Experts recommend consulting with a few local photovoltaic contractors before making a selection, and asking the following questions can help you narrow down the options.

What Are Your Qualifications?

The more experience a solar installer has, the better – so make sure to ask about their years in the industry and their past rooftop PV system installation projects. A professional license is a must, and confirm that the installer is certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

Can the Roof Support a Solar Array?

If your rooftop isn’t in good condition, you need to know before you install a PV system.

Most solar installers aren’t roofers, so they can only guess if you need roof repair or replacement – but at Nationwide Solar, we have a team of certified roofing specialists who can make sure your roof can handle the weight of the equipment and remain standing strong for decades to come.

What PV Equipment Do You Install?

The quality of the PV system equipment offered by a solar installation company should influence your hiring decision.

Here at Nationwide Solar, we use American-made Tier-1 photovoltaic panels, which are engineered to provide optimal output and efficient operation. Our inverters and mounting racks are also among the best available. Go with another local solar installer, and you might not get equipment that’s as technologically advanced.

Does Your Solar Company Offer a Warranty?

Anything can break down, and while malfunctions in high-quality rooftop PV systems are rare, there’s always the chance yours could develop a problem. Ask each solar installer you interview if their company stands behind their work.

Choose us, and you’ll get a 10-year workmanship warranty, a 10-year roof penetration warranty, a 25-year panel performance warranty and 25-year warranties on both the inverter and the mounting racks. Few solar installation companies offer such a solid guarantee, as you’ll come to find out when you speak with other photovoltaic contractors.

Are you looking for a solar installation contractor in Utah, Idaho, Oregon or Washington? Would you like to schedule a free professional consultation with a solar installer from an award-winning contractor, one that’s a trusted local industry leader? Nationwide Solar is the company to call.

Let us install your rooftop PV system, and we’ll make sure you’re pleased with the results. For more information on our qualifications and our solar installer services, contact us today.

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