How to Choose the Right Solar Utah Company

Solar companies Utah

How to Choose the Right Solar Utah Company

Are you looking for a solar company? In Utah, deciding which professional contractor to work with is no easy task, given that there are so many to choose from.

However, selecting a company for solar installation is much like choosing a contractor for any other home or business project. You’ll need to do your homework before you make the decision, as you’ll want to spend your money wisely. To find the right Utah solar company, follow these steps.

Check Solar Company Credentials

Solar installation is a sizable investment in your Utah property and your future. As such, you need a contractor with the qualifications and expertise to complete the project with a high level of workmanship.

To that end, check the credentials of each solar company you’re considering. You’ll want to hire a professional contractor who has:

  • A license to install photovoltaic systems in Utah
  • The proper insurance for solar installation
  • Certification by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP)
  • At least a few years of experience installing photovoltaic systems
  • A commitment to using only top-quality photovoltaic components
  • A reputation for excellent workmanship and outstanding customer service

In addition, find out if the professional contractor offers a warranty for solar installation. The important components should come with their own manufacturer’s warranties, but you’ll also want your photovoltaic system to be backed by a workmanship guarantee.

Identify the Best Solar Companies

After you have evaluated each professional contractor’s credentials, take the time to read customer reviews. Learning what others think about a Utah solar company can help you find the best fit for your home or business project.

When you consider all of the information you find, you should be able to narrow down your options. Contact the photovoltaic contractors you believe are the best and schedule professional consultations. Most are willing to come out to your property at no cost, which gives you the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your solar installation without any obligation.

Compare Solar Installation Estimates

Once you’ve had a chance to consult with a few professional contractors, the next step is to compare the quotes you received for solar installation. But, don’t automatically opt for the company offering the cheapest price. Instead, choose the one you trust to save you the most, while also providing you with a highly efficient photovoltaic system that performs for decades.

Would you like a free consultation and estimate from an award-winning commercial and residential solar installation company? In Utah and throughout the Intermountain West, Nationwide Solar is the preferred photovoltaic contractor for home and business projects. We have all of the qualifications listed above, and our expert team makes switching to photovoltaic power both easy and affordable.

For more on how we outshine other solar companies in Utah, or to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation, contact us today.

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