How Solar Panel Installation Benefits Your Business

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How Solar Panel Installation Benefits Your Business

Solar panel installation is becoming increasingly popular every day – and not just among homeowners. Business owners are also making the switch to photovoltaic power, as doing so offers several significant benefits.

If you own an office building, manufacturing facility, convenience store, laundromat, factory, auto dealership or any other type of business, you have much to gain from commercial solar installation. Below are some of the best reasons why planning a photovoltaic project is worthy of consideration.

Solar Panel Installation is a Smart Investment

If your business building requires a tremendous amount of electricity, you’ll need a sizeable photovoltaic system – and the larger the solar panel installation project, the higher the cost. Despite this, the return on investment is impressive. The amount of money saved on electricity can be thousands of dollars per year, so it doesn’t take long to recoup the initial costs.

Tax Breaks for Commercial Solar Installations

The upfront costs of a commercial solar installation project are surprisingly manageable. The federal solar investment tax credit (ITC) alone offers a 26 percent reduction in income tax liability, and with state and local incentives, business owners can offset much of their initial photovoltaic project investments. Act fast, though, as these opportunities to save more money are going the way of the dodo bird.

Switching to Photovoltaic Power Generates Good Press

When you plan a commercial solar installation project, you’ll have a powerful marketing tool. People often prefer to support businesses that are doing their part to protect the environment. You can send out press releases about your switch to photovoltaic power and let the local community in on the news via social media – why not take advantage of the free publicity? 

Solar Installation Shows Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability may not be your main reason for planning a photovoltaic project, but by installing a PV system, your business becomes more eco-friendly. As such, you can set yourself apart from competing businesses who haven’t adopted photovoltaic power – make it known that you have, and your display of responsibility is sure to help you gain favor.

Solar Panels Allow for Energy Independence

While no one knows exactly what to expect from energy costs in the future, history tells us that they’re likely to continue rising. Business owners who remain completely tied to the municipal utility grid for their electricity will have to pay whatever price is set. Install solar panels, and your future energy expenses will be far more predictable.

Have we convinced you to consider planning a photovoltaic project? If you own a business in Idaho, Oregon, Utah or Washington, the professional team at Nationwide Solar can help you explore your options. To schedule a free, no-obligation commercial solar panel installation consultation, contact us today.

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