How Long Do Oregon Residential Solar Projects Take?

How Long Do Oregon Residential Solar Projects Take?

So, you’re thinking about planning a residential solar project. But before you make arrangements with an Oregon solar company, you need to know what to expect in terms of time.

How long it will be before your home PV system is up and running? Residential solar installation is a multi-phase process that can take anywhere from several weeks to several months – and while we wish we could be more precise, the timing depends on the size and complexity of your project. Read on to learn more.

Planning an Oregon Residential Solar Project

While your home PV system might not be operational for at least a few months, most of this time is in the planning.

Once you sign a contract with an Oregon solar company, your professional contractor will work on finalizing the design of your PV system and ordering the required photovoltaic components.

While waiting on the equipment to arrive your contractor will need to complete paperwork. Residential solar installations often require building permits, and getting the necessary documentation to proceed with a home PV project can take a few weeks if the local building department is swamped.

During this time, your photovoltaic contractor will also compile the documentation you’ll need to apply for the federal solar tax credit and any other currently available solar incentives for Oregon homeowners.

Getting Your Residential Solar Project Underway

Once the photovoltaic equipment has arrived and you’re all set with the paperwork, your Oregon solar company will be ready to install your home PV system.

In most cases, mounting the solar panels to the rooftop is a relatively quick and simple process – and if your system is on the smaller side, the installation may be completed within a single day. For larger photovoltaic arrays and hybrid systems with battery storage, installation is more complex and can take two or three days to complete.

When the work is done, your solar panels won’t be producing power for your home right away. Grid-tied PV systems must be inspected by a representative from the utility company before becoming operational. And in some parts of Oregon, a city building inspector needs to sign off on all residential solar projects. Getting approval from the appropriate parties can take a month or more.

Making Home PV System Installation Convenient

When you work with a trusted Oregon solar company, the process of installing a PV system won’t disrupt your daily life.

Sure, the time that the work crew spends up on your rooftop may be a bit noisy and chaotic. But other than signing a few documents, you won’t have to step outside of your normal routine – reputable professional photovoltaic contractors do whatever they can to make residential solar installation as convenient as possible.

Making the switch to solar will be a simple process with the professional team at Nationwide Solar. We take pride in providing outstanding customer service and top-notch workmanship, and you can count on us to design a cost-effective home PV system that meets your energy needs. For more information, or to schedule a residential solar consultation with a trusted Oregon photovoltaic contractor, contact us today.

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