Going Solar? How to Prepare for Home PV System Installation

How are solar panels installed?

Going Solar? How to Prepare for Home PV System Installation

Are you planning to install a home PV system?

Professional photovoltaic contractors aim to make going solar as easy as possible for homeowners. Choose the right solar installation company, and you won’t have to put much time or effort into the project. That said, taking the following steps to prepare for the install can help ensure everything goes smoothly.

Evaluate the Condition of Your Rooftop

Can your roof support the additional weight of a PV system?

You need to be sure that your roofing will last at least as long as your solar panels – and those are designed to last for decades. To make sure your rooftop is structurally sound, get an evaluation from a professional roofer before going solar. Or, hire a solar installation company that has a team of licensed roofing specialists.    

Trim Any Nearby Shade Trees

Is your home surrounded by shade trees?

For optimal solar power production, the sun needs to shine down on your home PV system. If any of your trees have branches that cast shade on your rooftop, giving them a trim before going solar is in your best interests. To play it safe, however, have a local arborist or landscaper take on the task.

Talk to Your Homeowners Association

Is your neighborhood governed by a homeowners association (HOA)?

Before going solar, you’ll need to get their approval. Most homeowners have no difficulty with this, but your home PV system may need to meet certain design guidelines to get approved. If your HOA has any concerns, your professional photovoltaic contractor can help.

Get Your Property Ready

Can the solar installation crew come in and get right to work?

Make sure your rooftop is easily accessible, moving any lawn furniture, outdoor toys and other items away from the worksite. Clear away the area around your utility meter and electric panel, too, as that’s probably where your photovoltaic contractor will be installing the PV system inverter.

Prepare for a Short Power Outage

Is a temporary loss of electricity going to be an inconvenience?

Your photovoltaic contractor may need to shut off the power at some point during your solar installation. You shouldn’t be without electricity for long, but the outage could affect your daily routine. If that’s an issue, you can arrange to be away from home while the work is being done – you’ll only need to meet the crew when they arrive and provide access to your property.

If you’re thinking about going solar and you live in Washington, Oregon, Utah or Idaho, Nationwide Solar is the professional photovoltaic contractor to call. We’re the leading solar installation company in the Intermountain West – and we’re also licensed roofing specialists.

Your project will be in good hands with Nationwide Solar. Let us help you save money and save the earth by going solar – contact us for a free home PV system consultation today!

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