Getting Started with Residential Solar in Washington

Solar installation Washington

Getting Started with Residential Solar in Washington

The number of people embracing residential solar in Washington is growing, as the benefits of making the switch to photovoltaic power are undeniable. From lucrative financial incentives and major savings on electricity bills to an increase in home value and the peace of mind in having a source of renewable energy, homeowners have much to gain from solar installation.

That being said, residential solar is an investment – and we’re here to help you make an informed choice. If you’re thinking about installing a photovoltaic power system, take a look at the following guide to learn about the process of going solar.

Consider Home Efficiency Improvements

Before you make plans for residential solar installation, you’d be wise to make your Washington home as efficient as possible. By improving your overall household efficiency, you may be able to reduce the size – and, therefore, the costs – of your photovoltaic power system.

Confirm that Your Rooftop is Suitable for Solar

While photovoltaic panels can harness power from the sun in any climate, some rooftops aren’t fit for installation. To make sure that your roof can hold the extra weight – and that it will last at least as long as your photovoltaic power system, have a professional roofer provide an evaluation.

Choose a Trusted Residential Solar Company

With the right professional contractor, you’ll get high-quality equipment that meets your home energy needs – plus, your photovoltaic power project will be stress-free. Research local contractors, schedule consultations with trusted companies and choose one that is ready to provide a cost-effective energy solution.

Get Your Property Ready for Solar Installation

Once you’ve decided on a professional contractor, your work is nearly done. All that’s left is to make sure the residential solar installation crew can easily access the rooftop, your electric panel and the utility meter. Clear those areas, and trust your contractor to handle everything else.

Learn More About Residential Solar in Washington

We’ve greatly simplified the process of going solar here, and you likely have questions or concerns we haven’t addressed. To get answers and all of the information you need about adopting photovoltaic power, give Nationwide Solar a call.

We’re an award-winning photovoltaic contractor – and one of the few with a team of licensed professional roofers. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff supports homeowners before, during and after solar installation. We want you to make informed decisions, and we’re happy to provide any guidance you may need.

At Nationwide Solar, we have the experience you want in a photovoltaic contractor. And, we take great satisfaction in providing homeowners with affordable, high-quality energy solutions. If you’re ready to explore your options for residential solar in Washington, contact us today.

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