Does Solar Panel Installation Cause Roof Leaks?

How do solar panels affect your roof

Does Solar Panel Installation Cause Roof Leaks?

Sure, solar panel installation does involve making holes in your rooftop – and that may lead you to think there might be problems when it rains. Fortunately, roof leaks are extremely rare.

When a solar array is mounted properly, the structural integrity of the rooftop isn’t compromised. Therefore, if you hire an experienced professional contractor, you won’t have to worry about water damage from a leaking roof.

Why Roof Leaks are Highly Unlikely

Experienced photovoltaic contractors know that the condition of a rooftop matters – and no reputable professional will install solar panels on a roof that is already at risk of leaking.

In addition, mounting components for solar panels are designed to guard against roof leaks. Special flashing is placed around every rooftop penetration, and the holes are filled with silicone to provide a watertight seal. Once the installation is complete, rainwater and melting snow will flow safely away, making the likelihood of the roof springing a leak quite low.

How Solar Panels Help Protect Your Roof

It might surprise you to learn that after solar panel installation, the chance of your rooftop leaking goes way down.

Normally, your roof is always exposed to the elements. Over time, harsh weather causes roofing materials to degrade – and the deterioration is what gives rise to roof leaks. A solar array covers the surface, protecting it from weather-related damage. What’s more, the array blocks heat from entering, which helps keep your home more comfortable and lowers your summer cooling costs.

Making Sure Your Roof is Ready for Solar Panel Installation

Rooftop solar panels are almost never the cause of leaking – and when a leak springs up after installation, it’s because the roof already had damage.

Experienced photovoltaic contractors can spot clear signs of trouble, but roof damage isn’t always obvious. And, getting repairs after an array is in place is quite costly. For that reason, most contractors recommend that homeowners who are concerned about roof leaks consult with a professional roofer before installing solar panels.

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