Does Adopting Solar Power in Utah Mean Changing Your Lifestyle?

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Does Adopting Solar Power in Utah Mean Changing Your Lifestyle?

Before adopting solar power, experts suggest making your Utah home more efficient. But do you really have to switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle if you want to go solar?

While embracing energy efficiency sounds good in theory, not everyone wants to make sweeping changes at home. Fortunately, that isn’t necessary – you can install a rooftop PV system without making any energy-saving efforts. That said, if you plan to adopt solar power, you may want to consider making your Utah home more efficient.

PV Systems are Sized to Match Household Energy Consumption

Experienced professional photovoltaic contractors know how to design solar power systems to provide ample electricity. Regardless of how much energy your household uses, you can get a rooftop PV system that meets your needs.

So, if your family tends to leave the lights blazing and the electronics running, or if you like to have the thermostat set super high during the winter and super low all summer long, none of that has to change before you go solar. Powering everything in your Utah home won’t be a problem.

Why Making Your Utah Home More Energy-Efficient is a Good Idea

Your household energy consumption will dictate the size of your PV system, and the more electricity you use, the more solar panels you’ll need. And as you might expect, the larger your photovoltaic array, the greater the cost.

Any steps you take to increase the energy efficiency of your Utah home will translate to savings on a rooftop PV system. If you have a tight budget or simply want to minimize the cost of adopting solar power, you’d be wise to look into ways to cut your household energy usage.

How to Boost Energy Efficiency and Maximize Your Solar Power Savings

You don’t have to become a die-hard environmentalist or fully embrace the eco-friendly lifestyle to increase your solar power savings. Simple steps, such as sealing around the door and window frames, using smart power strips or swapping incandescent light bulbs for LEDs can make a difference in your household energy consumption.

For specific strategies that make sense for your Utah home, try the Home Energy Saver (HES) online audit tool from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. After you answer a few simple questions and submit the online form, you’ll be presented with a personalized list of recommendations to consider before you go solar.

Whether or not you decide to make your home more energy-efficient, Nationwide Solar can design a rooftop PV system that meets your household energy needs – and our highly experienced team can help maximize your savings with solar power. For a free Utah residential solar consultation, contact us today.

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