Does a Rooftop Solar Array Require Special Insurance?

Solar panel insurance

Does a Rooftop Solar Array Require Special Insurance?

While the cost of installing a rooftop solar array has plunged over the past several years, switching to photovoltaic power is still an investment.

Given the expense involved, you might think getting special insurance to protect your investment is a good idea. But chances are, this isn’t necessary. Here’s why.

Solar Equipment Warranty Protection

When you hire a professional photovoltaic contractor to install your rooftop solar array, you have the benefit of warranty protection.

All of the basic equipment used – including the solar panels, inverter and mounting racks – is covered. The duration of the warranty is different for each component, but coverage lasts for at least ten years and, in some cases, lasts as long as 25 years.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Solar equipment warranties don’t cover damage caused by accidents or natural weather events. But as a homeowner, you likely already have a means of protecting your investment.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), most standard homeowners insurance policies include coverage for rooftop solar systems. The switch to photovoltaic power is considered to be a home improvement project, and your insurer may not require a rider, change your plan or increase your premiums.

You’ll want to check with your agent to confirm that your solar equipment is covered and find out if any variables – such as opting for a ground-mounted rather than a roof-mounted solar array — affect your coverage. And, of course, if you want to make sure you’re absolutely covered, you can look into raising your insurance policy’s coverage limit.

Choose the Right Solar Company

Your rooftop solar array may be covered under your homeowners insurance policy, but the coverage may not extend to damage caused during the installation process.

Hire a highly qualified and experienced contractor for your installation, and the risk of damage to your roof, property or photovoltaic equipment is extremely unlikely. But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen – so you’ll want to be protected. For that, you’ll need to choose the right solar company.

At Nationwide Solar, we offer a 10-year workmanship warranty that provides coverage in the unlikely event of damage caused by or incurred as a result of the photovoltaic installation. In other words, if we make a mistake or something goes wrong, you’ll be covered.

In addition, when you choose our solar company, you can count on our comprehensive residential solar panel system warranty coverage, which includes:

  • 10-year roof penetration warranty
  • 25-year solar panel performance warranty
  • 25-year inverter warranty
  • 25-year racking warranty

If you’re shopping around, you’ll find that few professional photovoltaic contractors serving Idaho, Utah, Washington, Oregon and the Intermountain West region can match our warranty coverage. We stand behind our work, and we’ll make every effort to ensure your complete satisfaction. For a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate for rooftop solar array installation, contact us today.

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