The Cost of Solar

The cost of your system will depend on the size of your home, your energy needs, and other factors. Nationwide Solar can help you get started with our $0 down, 100 percent financing* plan.

Everyone wants to know how much they can save by going solar. The truth is, residential solar or commercial solar installation can save you a lot of money every year. Solar power has evolved over time, and it is now more efficient and affordable than ever.

Gathering Data for Residential Solar

When you call us to ask about solar power, we start by asking questions about your usage. We’ll ask you how many people live in your home and what their energy use habits are. Do they shower every day? Do they leave lots of appliances plugged in and lights on? Does your family like it extra cold in summer and toasty warm in winter? Is someone home all day, or does everyone go out to work or school?

Heating and cooling costs are usually half of an electric bill. Your water heater, washer and dryer, and lights each take up about 12%-15%. But other appliances in your home can also run up your electric bill, such as extra refrigerators and freezers, space heaters and hot tubs.

Analyze Usage & Determine Home Size

We’ll also ask to see a year’s worth of electric bills. That will give us a lot of valuable information, such as how much you spend a year on electricity, how many watts you use and what months you typically spend more.

Another important factor in solar installation is the size of your home. A 5,000-square-foot home will need a much larger array to power it than a 1,500-square-foot home.

Your Home & the Sun

It’s important which direction your home faces as well. South is best, but we can tilt the solar panels to optimize their exposure to sunlight.

We’ll also need to look at how much peak sunlight your roof gets on average. If your roof is shaded by trees or a nearby building or other structure, it will affect how much energy your residential solar panels produce.

Ways to get around these problems include putting your solar array on the ground, your garage or another outbuilding, or installing residential solar panels only on the sunny part of your roof.

The Cost of Solar Power

It’s impossible to say how much your residential or commercial solar installation will cost until we get all this information and do the calculations. However, we offer free estimates, so you have nothing to lose when you call Nationwide Solar!

We know that not everyone has enough cash on hand to pay upfront for their solar installation. Not to worry — our solar company offers a 0 down 100% financing plan to qualified buyers.

Plus, the solar federal tax credit helps trim costs by providing solar customers with a 26% tax credit — a significant savings. Customers in Washington, Oregon, Utah, and Oregon state and some other states may get further discounts. However, the federal credit is set to expire in 2022 for residential solar, and it will shrink to 10% for commercial solar, so there’s no time to lose. Call Nationwide Solar today!

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