Common Solar Scams & Tips on Choosing a Solar Company in Idaho

Common Solar Scams & Tips on Choosing a Solar Company in Idaho

Finding a solar company in Idaho isn’t all that challenging, as dozens serve residential and commercial customers. Unfortunately, not all PV installers hold themselves to the same standard. Some take advantage of people — and for anyone who is new to the world of photovoltaic installation, it can be hard to distinguish a representative of a reputable solar company from a scammer.

Solar scams come in many forms, but there are red flags that can help you avoid getting conned. If you’re ready to install a PV system and looking for a solar company, watch out for these questionable sales practices.

Claims of No Cost for Solar

While zero-down financing for photovoltaic installation is available for those who qualify, anyone who tells you that you can pay nothing for going solar – or that you can get paid for PV installation — is likely trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Ads on social media and door-to-door solar company representatives may speak ways Idaho residents can get free PV systems with no out-of-pocket costs. This is misleading, as even those who opt to finance and those who sign a lease agreement still have monthly expenses.

And if you hear of special renewable energy programs that pay people to go solar, steer clear. There are no free rides when it comes to photovoltaic installation, and these types of programs don’t exist.

High-Pressure Sales Tactics

Nearly every solar company advertises promotions and special deals and promotions now and then. But when an offer seems too good to be true – or when it happens to be a limited-time deal that’s ending today – consider that to be a warning sign.

Some PV installers may claim that you can save a certain amount of money every month after going solar, or that taking advantage of a special deal will ensure that you break even on your investment in half the time. Anyone who makes these types of promises is almost certainly a scammer.

And, no reputable solar company will rush you into signing a contract immediately. If you’re told that an offer is about to expire and you don’t see that information on their website, you’re talking to someone who is trying to make a quick sale.

Guarantees of Tax Benefits

The federal solar investment tax credit (ITC) is real, but scammers frequently make bogus claims regarding the incentive. The program doesn’t offer a guaranteed tax payout – and payment doesn’t come in the form of a rebate or check.

As with any other type of tax credit, you must meet specific requirements to qualify for the solar ITC. One of these is that you own a PV system, and if you choose a lease arrangement, the solar company you’re working with would be the owner. As such, you wouldn’t benefit.

Also, the ITC allows those who qualify to offset their income tax liability – it isn’t a rebate program. In other words, it reduces the amount of taxes owed, and if you don’t owe taxes, you won’t get a refund for the ITC. Anyone who says otherwise is a scammer.

How to Protect Yourself from Solar Scams

In a perfect world, every solar company representative you meet would be straightforward and honest. Since that’s not the reality of the situation, follow these tips to avoid getting scammed:

  • Learn the basics of solar power. Scammers rely on the fact that many people are uninformed, and if you educate yourself, you’ll be better able to spot con artists.
  • Get multiple PV installation quotes. By comparing estimates from more than one solar company, you can keep from falling victim to a price-rigging scam.
  • Thoroughly vet every company. Do your research, as blindly trusting the word of any individual is never a good idea when you’re going to be signing a contract.
  • Don’t sign anything immediately. To make the right decisions in regards to going solar, you need time to go over the contract details and think things over.

At Nationwide Solar, we’ve worked hard to build up a reputation as a trustworthy Idaho solar company, and we have a long history of satisfied residential and commercial customers who can attest to our unwavering commitment to excellence. Not only does our team make the process of PV installation easy, we make it affordable – and with us, you can count on top-quality photovoltaic components, first-rate workmanship and comprehensive warranty coverage.

For more information on Nationwide Solar, or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a solar company representative at your Idaho home or business property, contact us today.

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