Commercial Solar Installation – What are Your Options?

Financing commercial solar systems

Commercial Solar Installation – What are Your Options?

Commercial solar installation is a valuable investment for any business. Switching to photovoltaic power not only slashes electricity costs and boosts property value – going green generates positive press that can set a company apart from the competition.

Factories, manufacturing facilities, laundromats, office buildings, gas stations, auto dealerships and convenience stores are among the many types of businesses that are going solar. Projects are designed to meet each company’s energy goals and technical needs, but here are the most common configurations for commercial solar installations.

Rooftop Solar Installation

The vast majority of businesses that adopt photovoltaic power – over 90 percent, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) — choose roof-mounted solar panel systems.

Rooftop arrays appeal to business owners, as this type of installation is usually the simplest and least expensive option. Roof-mounted photovoltaic systems are well-suited to many commercial building footprints, too, and they don’t take up any valuable real estate. 

Ground-Mounted Solar Installation

Sometimes, the dimensions of a rooftop won’t allow for the placement of a photovoltaic system of sufficient size to meet a company’s energy requirements. When that’s the case, business owners often opt for a ground-mounted installations.

Ground-mounted arrays are highly efficient, as the solar panels can be aligned at the optimal angle to harness energy from the sun. In addition, going with a ground mount means that budget and the amount of available land are the only limits to the size of a commercial solar system.

Parking Canopy Solar Installation

When rooftop installation isn’t practical, some business owners look to their parking lots. Mounting solar panels on a parking canopy is the prevailing choice for space-strapped companies, but some with expansive properties prefer this installation option.

Due to the additional construction materials and labor required, turning a parking lot into a photovoltaic power plant can be expensive. But a parking canopy installation can be designed to meet the energy demands of a business, without taking up any property space. A commercial solar carport structure also protects the vehicles underneath, and professional contractors can easily include electric vehicle charging stations.

The experienced team at Nationwide Solar, a trusted residential and commercial solar contractor serving Utah, Idaho, Washington and Oregon, have the skill to design and install an efficient, cost-effective photovoltaic system that meets your energy needs.

We use only the highest quality photovoltaic equipment, and we make sure business owners are able to take advantage of every tax break, grant and rebate available. Financing for solar installation is both easy and affordable, and you can count on us to help you find an economical way to invest in photovoltaic power.

Ready to get the ball rolling? For a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your commercial solar installation options, contact us today.

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