Commercial Solar in Utah-Top 3 Reasons for Businesses to Go Solar

Commercial Solar in Utah-Top 3 Reasons for Businesses to Go Solar

Commercial solar power projects bring significant benefits to businesses in Utah.

While some people view photovoltaic power as a luxury reserved for large companies, this isn’t the case at all – and these days, more startups and small businesses are reaping the rewards of going solar. Could investing in a photovoltaic array be a smart move for your company? When you consider the following, you may just be convinced to plan a PV project soon.

No. 1: Commercial Solar Power Cuts Energy Costs

How much is the average electricity bill for your business? Hundreds of dollars? Or is the utility company getting thousands every month?

Go solar, and those costs will be dramatically reduced – and you might even eliminate your monthly energy expenses. In any case, far less money will go toward electricity, and you’ll certainly appreciate the increased cash flow.

No 2: Commercial Solar Projects Offer Tax Benefits

Tax breaks are the stuff of dreams for all Utah business owners, don’t you think?

Install a commercial photovoltaic array, and your company will be able claim the lucrative federal investment tax credit (ITC) – which, as it currently stands, is equal to 26 percent of the total PV project costs. Then there’s the Utah solar tax credit, which covers up to 10 percent of the system cost or $50,000, and the Utah sale tax exemption for the purchase of photovoltaic equipment. Take advantage of every incentive for going solar, and your company may owe Uncle Sam little to nothing next year.

No. 3: Commercial Solar Arrays are Marketing Tools

Have you given any thought to how going solar can give your business a green reputation?

These days, Utah residents are increasingly supportive of eco-friendly companies. As soon as you start planning a PV project for your business, you can send out press releases and spread the word on social media. You’ll likely gain more customers as a result, and even people who aren’t concerned about the environment will appreciate your business savvy in making the switch to photovoltaic power.

Schedule a Free Commercial Solar Consultation Today

Going solar could be the best choice for your Utah business – and you can explore your PV project options at no cost with Nationwide Solar.

We offer complimentary consultations and estimates to business owners, and we’d be happy to fill you in on the other benefits that come with photovoltaic installation. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will answer all of your questions, too, and we’ll explain everything you need to know to move forward with a PV project.

At Nationwide Solar, we make going solar as easy as possible for Utah business owners. For more information, or to schedule a free, no-pressure consultation to discuss commercial solar power installation, contact us today.

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