Commercial Solar in Idaho – Can You Add an Array to Your Building?

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Commercial Solar in Idaho – Can You Add an Array to Your Building?

Years ago, commercial solar projects were only a possibility for a few Idaho businesses. But with today’s affordable photovoltaic components, the various incentive programs and the availability of financing, more business owners are able to reap the benefits of solar power.

Whether you own a factory, office building, industrial facility, auto dealership or any other type of business in Idaho, installing a photovoltaic array is a wise investment. However, not every building is suited for a rooftop PV installation. Here’s how to know if yours can work – and the other options to consider if your rooftop isn’t right for a commercial solar array.   

Rooftop Solar Arrays Can Be Installed on Most Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings in Idaho tend to have large, flat rooftops with ample space for a solar power system. So, if yours is like most, the roof should be a prime spot for a PV installation.

That said, to be suitable for a photovoltaic array, your rooftop must be able to support the weight – and if the roofing is old, it might not have the necessary structural integrity. In addition, the configuration of vents and other equipment on the rooftop could pose a problem, as could shading from a nearby building. 

What Idaho Business Owners Can Do if Rooftop Solar Isn’t an Option

Let’s say the rooftop of your commercial building isn’t right for PV installation. With the right photovoltaic contractor, this isn’t an issue – you can simply opt for a different type of commercial solar project.

Some solar companies in Idaho, including Nationwide Solar, can install a photovoltaic array on the ground or atop a parking garage. A parking lot canopy installation is another option, and if you don’t already have a canopy structure, your contractor can build one made of photovoltaic panels.

Let Nationwide Solar Help You Save Money on Commercial Solar Installation

Switching to photovoltaic power makes sense, as your Idaho business will see lower energy costs, lucrative tax incentives and a boost in property value. Plus, PV installation makes for a great marketing tool, as many people prefer environmentally responsible businesses.

If you’re ready to plan a commercial solar project in Idaho, turn to the professional team at Nationwide Solar. We have the expertise to design and install an efficient, cost-effective photovoltaic array – and we can provide you with commercial financing and information on incentive programs to ensure you get the greatest return on investment.

At Nationwide Solar, our goal is to make it easy for business owners to adopt photovoltaic power – and we’d love to handle your project. For a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss commercial solar in Idaho, contact us online or give us a call today.

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