Can You Move Your Solar Panels to a New Home?

Moving solar panels

Can You Move Your Solar Panels to a New Home?

If you’re planning to install solar panels on the rooftop of your home, you’re probably not planning to move anytime soon. However, you can’t guarantee that you’ll be living in your current abode forever – a change in your job situation or personal circumstances could mean you need to relocate.

In that event, you’ll be faced with a decision. Should you take your solar panels with you and have them installed at your new home? Or are you better off leaving your rooftop array in place?

While you can remove and reinstall solar panels, doing so can result in several problems. Here’s what you need to know about the difficulties in relocating a rooftop array.

Issues with Rooftop Integrity

Solar panels are securely mounted, with the racks screwed into the roof. Therefore, when a rooftop array is removed, holes are left behind – and these penetrations can create leaks if not properly sealed. 

Damage to Solar Equipment

Removing and reinstalling a rooftop solar array isn’t easy, and the equipment must be handled with extreme care. During the process, the chance of damage to the panels, mounting racks and other components is quite high.

Solar Warranty Implications

Rooftop solar panels typically come with warranty coverage, but that may not remain in effect if you make any structural changes to the array. If you opt to relocate the panels, you may end up voiding part or all of your warranty.

Legal Issues for Home Sellers

If you had a property appraisal prior to selling your home, the value of your rooftop array may have been included – so, removal could pose a problem. And, you may not be able to legally take your solar array if you didn’t state your plans in the real estate contract.

Excessively High Costs

The labor involved in relocating a rooftop solar array, the permitting costs for installation at your new home, the expense of different mounting racks – this is no cheap project. The price could be rather high, increasing the time it takes to recoup your investment.

Won’t Leaving Your Solar Panels in Place Cancel Out Your Savings?

Actually, deciding not to move your rooftop array to your new home may not cause you to lose any money at all. Today’s home buyers tend to pay a higher price for properties with solar power installations. And, with your panels left in place, your home could sell for about $15,000 more (on average) than similar utility-powered properties, according to That should make up for any energy savings you’ll be missing once you move, and for future savings, you can make plans to install a rooftop solar array at your new home. 

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