Can You Move Your Oregon Solar Power System to a New Home?

Can You Move Your Oregon Solar Power System to a New Home?

Install a solar power system at your Oregon home, and you’ll save money on your monthly electric bills while also reducing your carbon footprint. That’s a big win for both you and the environment — but what happens if you have to move?

Circumstances can change, and you could find yourself needing to relocate after investing in solar panels. Your first instinct may be to remove the PV system and reinstall it at your new home. Doing so is possible, but you might be better off leaving the solar array behind. Here’s why.

Removing a Solar Power System Creates Problems

Most Oregon homeowners who adopt solar power opt for rooftop PV systems. The components are screwed directly to the roof – and if they’re removed, the surface has holes. If the holes aren’t properly filled and sealed, the rooftop may develop leaks.

In addition, after a solar array has been in place for quite some time, the roofing underneath isn’t the same color as the rest of the roof. The areas that receive continual sun exposure are more faded, and the difference can be rather noticeable to anyone who glances at the rooftop.

Relocating a Solar Array Can Be Rather Costly

Granted, some Oregon homeowners are willing to deal with the holes in their rooftops — and many aren’t all that concerned about roof color. Most everyone does care about money, though, and taking a PV system from one house to another is expensive.

When relocating solar panels to a new home, labor charges are to be expected. But, many people don’t anticipate the costs of any permit that may be required. And when the new property has a different type of roof or the energy use is greater, new equipment may be necessary. These are expenses no one wants when they’re moving.

Will Leaving the Solar Array Cancel Out Your Savings?

This is an understandable concern — but the vast majority of Oregon homeowners who are in the position of having to move after adopting solar power are glad to find that there’s no need to worry about a financial loss.

These days, home buyers are willing to pay a premium price for solar-powered properties. On average, homes with PV systems sell for $15,000 more than similar properties that rely on power from the grid. As such, those who take advantage of the federal tax credit, net metering, state rebates and all other available financial incentives could end up ahead by leaving a solar power system behind.

Have questions? The professional team at Nationwide Solar can provide you with answers. For more information on installing or relocating a residential solar power system, or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation at your Oregon home, contact us today.

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