Can You Install a Solar Power System If You Have a Flat Roof?

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Can You Install a Solar Power System If You Have a Flat Roof?

You’d like to get a solar power system for your Utah home, as you’ve heard that residential solar offers the potential for incredible energy savings. But there’s something stopping you from planning a photovoltaic project – your flat roof. Is it even possible to install solar panels on a rooftop that’s completely flat?

Absolutely! As long as your roofing is in good condition and your Utah home has no shading from nearby trees or buildings, rooftop PV system installation is doable. And with a flat roof, you can get easily get the most out of your solar panels.

Flat Roofs Can Maximize Solar Power Production

The direction and angle of a sloped roof determines the orientation of a rooftop PV system. And while experienced photovoltaic contractors can make adjustments to capture more of the sun’s energy, maximizing solar power production can be challenging with rooftops that don’t face south or west.

With a flat roof, photovoltaic energy output can be optimized, as solar panels can be mounted at the perfect angle and oriented to face south. Therefore, you can expect excellent energy performance from your solar panels, regardless of which direction your Utah home faces.

Costs are Competitive with Installations on Sloped Roofs

The process of installing solar panels on a flat roof is easier than that for a sloped roof, as the work crew can move around freely without the use of specialized equipment. Plus, a weighted mounting system can hold the panels in place, eliminating the need to drill any holes in the surface.

However, some solar power projects involving flat rooftops require additional equipment to optimize energy output. Rather than mounting your solar panels flat against your roofing, your photovoltaic contractor will likely opt for angled mounts, which can affect your project costs. At the end of the day, prices for installations on flat and sloped roofs are pretty comparable.

Finding a Photovoltaic Contractor that Works on Flat Roofs

The design considerations for solar power systems on flat and sloped roofs are unique. As such, you may come across contractors who aren’t willing to work on flat rooftops. The solution? Simply contact Nationwide Solar.

We’re not just a trusted local photovoltaic contractor – we’re also the professional roofer of choice in Utah. Our team is just as comfortable designing and installing solar power systems for flat roofs as we are for sloped roofs, and we know how to minimize your project costs while maximizing your energy production.

Ready for a free consultation? If you’re interested in installing a solar power system at your Utah home, contact us today.

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