Can HOAs Ban Solar Installation in Utah?

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Can HOAs Ban Solar Installation in Utah?

A growing number of Utah homeowners are opting for solar installation. Neighborhoods with no solar-powered homes are becoming increasingly hard to find, and people in your community are likely reaping the benefits of rooftop solar.

However, for those who own properties governed by a homeowners’ association (HOA), switching to photovoltaic power used to be a bit of a struggle. Fortunately, that’s changed – and these days, you don’t have to worry about your HOA putting a stop to your solar installation project.

Utah’s Solar Rights Laws

In 2017, the Utah state senate approved a bill designed to protect a homeowner’s right to install a solar energy system.

Under the law, HOAs need to enact a special declaration to prohibit owners of detached dwellings – meaning homes that don’t share a roof or walls with other homes – from moving forward with solar installation. Such a declaration requires the approval of at least 67 percent of the voting HOA members, so most homeowners’ associations can’t prevent photovoltaic projects taking place.

Utah’s solar rights law does give HOAs the power to impose certain restrictions. Your solar energy system must meet their safety and building standards, and you may be required to make other concessions, such as making sure the photovoltaic components aren’t visible from the street. For that reason, you don’t simply need to get the approval of your HOA – you’ll also need to gain an understanding of the HOA bylaws.

Dealing with a Stubborn HOA

If you own a home in a development with a HOA, you may already know the frustration of trying to make changes to your property. HOA rules tend to discourage upgrades that alter the look and feel of the neighborhood – and your plans to adopt photovoltaic power may be frowned upon.

Should that be the case, talking to the association members may help. Information from a professional photovoltaic contractor will likely tip the scales in your favor, as the solar company can pay heed to your HOA’s regulations and restrictions when designing your rooftop system. Once presented with an acceptable layout, your HOA will have no basis for banning your solar installation.

Choose the Right Solar Company

If you suspect that your HOA is going to interfere with your home solar panel installation, talk to a professional photovoltaic contractor with experience handling these types of issues. In Utah and throughout the Intermountain West, Nationwide Solar is the company to call.

Our expert team know what it takes to plan photovoltaic projects to meet the guidelines of a homeowners’ association, and we’re ready to help you get your HOA’s approval for solar installation. With us, you can expect nothing short of exceptional customer service. We offer top-notch workmanship, affordable pricing and a rock-solid warranty, too – you’d be hard pressed to find a better photovoltaic contractor for your project.

For more on how to deal with a HOA when planning solar installation in Utah, or to schedule a free consultation with the Nationwide Solar team, contact us today.

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