8 Advantages of Commercial Solar for Idaho Businesses

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8 Advantages of Commercial Solar for Idaho Businesses

Are you considering a commercial solar project?

As an Idaho business owner, you’re faced with choices every day, decisions that could have significant short- and long-term consequences. Solar panel installation is one such decision – but adopting photovoltaic power offers quite a few advantages to your business. Here’s a look at eight ways you’ll benefit by producing your own electricity. 

No. 1: Return on Investment

A commercial solar project is more of an investment than an expense. Returns from a PV system improve every year, and experts say that the return on investment is often better than that of most other investments.  

No. 2: Reduced Energy Costs

Budgeting for your electricity costs will be much easier after you adopt photovoltaic power. Your monthly electric bills won’t fluctuate nearly as much, and with your commercial solar array producing energy, you can expect the amount due to drop. 

No. 3: Tax Credits & Incentives

When you install a PV system, you’ll benefit from the federal solar investment tax credit. Claim the perk, and you can deduct 26 percent of your total costs from your business taxes. You may also qualify for a solar rebate and other tax breaks. 

No. 4: Increased Cash Flow

Once your commercial solar panel installation project is complete, less of your money will be going toward electricity. Since you won’t have to pay the utility company nearly as much, you’ll have more cash on hand for other business expenses. 

No. 5: Boosted Property Value

Commercial buildings with solar arrays have higher property values than those powered solely by the utility grid. By installing a PV system, the business building you own will be more desirable – and if you decide to sell, buyers will be willing to pay more. 

No. 6: Energy Independence

Investing in a commercial solar array allows you to greatly reduce your dependence on the utility grid. In addition to saving money, you’ll have a reliable source of electricity for your business when you adopt photovoltaic power 

No. 7: Green Business Reputation

Commercial solar panel installation sends a positive message about your commitment to the environment. When people see that your Idaho business has a PV system, you’ll make a great impression – and that can help you gain customers. 

No. 8: Support for the Local Economy

When you work with a photovoltaic provider like Nationwide Solar, you’ll be doing your part to boost the local economy. Idaho contractors complete the installation, and more jobs for local workers can translate to more customers for your business.

Contact Nationwide Solar for a Free Consultation

Now that you know the many advantages of solar panel installation for Idaho businesses, your next step is to learn exactly how you’ll benefit from a photovoltaic power project. The Nationwide Solar team can explain everything you need to know – and our expert team can design and install a highly efficient, cost-effect PV system that offers the greatest return on investment.

For a free consultation to discuss commercial solar panel installation for your Idaho business, contact Nationwide Solar today.

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